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Kelly Z.

"To say that Kelly Zimmerman looks "different" is an understatement! Kelly is showing those awesome lines we like to call muscularity. Keep up the great work Kelly."

The weather only slowed us down for one class. Thursday afternoon and Friday will proceed as scheduled. Big high fives to everyone who braved the streets to come in today!

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Gymnastics day! Pull-ups, KTE, ring dips, ring push-ups, handstands, skin the cat, levers, L-sits, body rows, ring push-ups, inverts, burpees, and hanging leg raises are all fair game.

CrossFit Cape Fear lost a trainer to a terrible accident. Details can be found here. While we didn't know him, we will recognize the loss with a tough workout.

W.O.D. "John V."

-With a single kettlebell, perform 5 rounds for time.

-Kettlebell is held for all movements.

-10 KB swings

-20 Front Squats

-30 Walking Lunges 

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