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Tina Zimmerman

Tina Zimmerman has really taken time to improve on her technique and movements. What are the results? She's getting stonger and more efficient. It's been said a thousand times but it's always worth repeating. Getting full ROM, modified or not, gives you something to measure. Do you want to be fast or do everything right? How about both!

Our Nutritional Blog is up! On the right upper hand side of our main page you will see the link. You can access it here or by typing in the URL. 
Again, we are so impressed that many of you have accepted the "Next Level Challenge." We will be posting daily so feel free to leave comments. Fill us in on what you are eating, recipes, and how you are feeling. Here you will also find some links worth looking at.  There is alot of info. on the web with Paleo and Zone information. Like anything, you may find conflicting information and confusion on what foods are good and bad. We will be doing our best to answer your questions. Keep in mind the information that we will present on January 31st is the protocol that we want you to follow during the challenge.

We already had one participant get his benchmark 2K Row time. Dan Furnas pulled 7:55, beating his previous best by 25 seconds! He also got a front squat PR with #185 for 3 reps. Great work Dan.

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat. 2 X 5, 2 X 4, and 2 X 3. Alternate with learning the Kettlebell snatch.


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