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Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up to include push-up technique. OH Press 5 x 8. Alternate with Russian Twists 5 x 10 (each direction).


-4 Rounds

-6 Deadlift, 12 push-ups, 18 Squats, 24 Sit-ups, 6 Pull-ups

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  1. Jake

    Awesome job by Tonya, Melissa, Steph, Schwabbie, Cory B, and David for putting up impressive numbers on the sectional wod!!

    I encourage everyone to participate in the open. It is a fun, community building event. The reasont that HQ went to the open format was for universal participation. Don't worry about your score, just have fun with it! I hope to see more VP members jumping on board and enjoying it with us.

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