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Games 1

Melissa Hurley's Mom, Janice, came out with the rest of Melissa's family to support our team. It was really great to meet such a nice family. Janice has supported us in many ways and she provided some great pics from the weekend action. This is one of them. Thanks Janice!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Dead Hang Pull-up/Weight Pull-ups. 6 sets of max reps. Alternate with Single Arm OH Squat (use kettlebell or dumbbell). 6 sets of 5 (each side).

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  1. Trey

    Entitle this picture "A Contrast of Style":

    We should put a green tint on this shot using Photoshop, and then draw a cartoon speech bubble coming out of Melissa's mouth with the words "HULK SMASH!" Meanwhile, the Zen version of Kara calmly does pistol squats, breathing through her nose.

    Who took this pic? Awesome!!

  2. Melissa Hurley

    I'm sure this had to be rep 25 with 1 sec left to get it done. Such a contrast. What's a good lift with out a little grunt and facial expressions?!?!

  3. Kara

    It was amazing being out there! I am still out of town with family and all I can think about is getting back seeing everyone to thank you for all your support and thoughts!!! We are a strong gym and will get stronger – no doubt!! nice face Hurley! I remember that last "grunt" in my ear doing pistols…. Was at the end of that round

  4. Tawn

    My girls are wicked tough! Kara's right–we can't wait to see everyone and THANK YOU all for every ounce of support you gave us in so many ways! THANK YOU ALL! We will only get stronger and smarter–next year we will destroy The Games! We have 12 months to prepare for the next competition. Trust me, 12 months is nearly 6 months more than we had to prepare for this year.

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