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We have 23 females and only 10 males signed up to compete in the CFVP/Bar X competition. Unfortunately the format cannot change which means some people may not be able to compete. Come on guys. Step up!!

Workout of the Day
Warm up Cleans/Power Cleans
2 Part Pause Cleans/Power Cleans
-Technique Focus
-15 Minutes

3 Exercise Rotation
-Warm up each movement
-Pull-ups/Weighted pull-ups 3 x Max
-Good Mornings 3 x 8
-Bench Press/Floor Press/Push-up 3 x 8
-There are only 3 sets of each. Each set should be max effort.

Clock Catcher
On the top of each minute do one cone touch, forward/backward
Add one complete down and back each minute.
Once you are caught rest one minute.
Work your way back down to 1 doing Thrusters from the number you got caught on.
Rx 115/83
Scaling Notes: Dumbbells

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