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Throwdown Results


Throwdown Results

Group shot

CFVP Partner Throwdown
Ryan and Mike

First Place: Ryan Davis and Mike Bell

Dawn and Darby

First Place: Dawn Wilhelm and Darby Seymour

Sam and Louis

Second Place: Sam Schaefer and Louis Clough

Keri and Alicia

Second Place Keri Dewey and Alicia House

Katy and penny

First Place Originality and Heart: Katy Zwick and Penny Sinak

Our first CFVP Partner Competition of 2013 is in the books. Facts: 1. The athletes at CFVP are simply awesome. 2. These events bring out the best in all of us, as athletes and coaches. 3. This stuff is FUN and we need to do it more often. 4. Every gym needs a Katy and Penny.

We want to show our appreciation for the guts and determination displayed from each and every competitor. Some workouts were decided by one second, literally. The scores were very close. We are proud to lead such an awesome group. Congrats to our first and second place teams. You deserve the wonderful food provided by Local Harvest Grocery. Katy and Penny had some great shirts that pretty much sums it up: "We already won. We showed up." Thank you to everyone who came out to support your loved ones and to Margaret and Stephanie who dedicated their time to help us out.

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