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Thoughts and Prayers


Thoughts and Prayers



CFVP would like to send out our best to some very important people. Sharon Dailey has been dealing with some degenerative disc issues in her back. A little rest and relaxation over the holidays was needed. We're glad to say she's feeling better and we look forward to seeing her back in the gym. Sharon has been with us from day one. There is a big void here at CFVP and everyone feels it. We can't wait to see you back Sharon.

Kerry Herr is celebrating his Birthday today. Happy Birthday Kerry. We won't say how many candles you'll be blowing out. In CrossFit years, you're about 20 right? Kerry is recovering from arthroscopic surgery and doing very well. Kerry is a competitor and the mental aspect of being down is the most difficult for him. There is no doubt Kerry is finding anything he can do for physical exercise. We know you'll be back soon.

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  1. Tracy Strubberg

    Welcome back Sharon! So glad you're doing better. And Kerry, I was wondering where you were also. I know what it's like to be physically down. It's hard.
    So glad you're both back!

  2. MShaw

    Sharon, I hope you are feeling better and look forward to seeing you back in the gym.

    Kerry, Happy Birthday! I hope your road to recovery in 2012 is a quick one.

  3. Mike e

    Miss you both, hope you're feeling better, have quick recoveries and come back stronger than ever…when you're ready. Happy Birthday Kerry and stay away from that vacuum cleaner!!!

  4. Monica

    Best wishes to both of you & hope you are back soon! Happy birthday Kerry! You'll be back at it before you know it…hang in there!

  5. Chris Cosby

    Sharon, I hope your feeling better & back with us soon! Happy B-Day Kerry & hope you have a speedy recovery! Best to you both, C. Cosby

  6. sebastian

    Kerry and Sharron

    Hope both of you are healing up well. I am sure it is frustrating for both of you to be out with injury. One day at a time. Speedy recovery to both of you.


  7. Tina

    Sharon, I miss your smiling face and words of encouragement! Hugs to you and come back soon!!!

    Kerry, Happy Birthday and you'll be back in the gym rocking the WODS before you know it!

    Happy New Year to All!

  8. Kerry H

    WOW! Thanks to everyone for your kind words and well wishes! I do miss the gym and everyone there. I will be back and look forward to all of you helping me get back into CFVP shape.

    Sharon, glad to hear you are getting better and hope you get back to full strength soon (after some well deserved rest).

    Thanks again CFVP for your support!

  9. Melissa K.

    Sharon, I miss you so much! But I know you need this time to take care of your back. I've had the pleasure of working out with you for several years (can you believe it's been years????) and I know you will pick up where you left off when you return. You are strong and determined!

    Kerry, Happy Birthday! We will have a birthday WOD waiting for you, which will include your birthday burpees : ) I'm glad you are on the road to recovery.

    Can't wait for both of you to return to the gym….you are missed!!!

  10. Sharon

    CVVP – you guys are the best and the CFVP Family is always there for me – very awesome and greatly appreciated!! Really miss everyone and will be back soon!!

    Kerry – Happy Birthday!! You'll be back in the gym soon and killing the WODs – you are very dedicated and will be back stronger than ever!!

  11. Mandi

    Sharon you are missed so much! The gym is just not the same without you! Take care and get back to VP! 🙂

    Hope you had a good birthday Kerry! I know being down for a bit sucks but I know you will come back more determined than ever!!!

  12. Janet

    Kerry / Sharon, such a bummer not having you at the gym. 🙁 But the important thing is that you take the time and get healthy. I wish you both the very best and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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