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This is a great video sequence from Tracy Fober. She has been working with Kara Funk and Melissa Hurley getting them ready for the first USA Weightlifting/CrossFitCompetition. Certain people do better receiving a lift in a split as opposed to a squat. Note the progression and how her movement improves. Great athletes. Great coach. Success inevitable. Kara looks very solid with a split. They are both looking awesome and we can't wait to see them perform. Go ladies!

Do you want to get stronger? We program alot of strength protocols. Typically these are repetition schemes around 3-6 reps per set for 4-6 sets total. What does this mean? As you approach the final sets, your completion of the required number of repetitions should be a max or very near max effort! The sets leading up to it should be heavy as well. As you approach your max effort, increments in weight should be smaller. More often than not, we've been seeing efforts where the weight is obviously too light. Folks, this is not going to stimulate an adaptation to get stronger. This is why numbers are so important. You should never be "guessing" when you are on the barbell! Take stake in what you're doing.

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  1. Melissa H

    Kara is moving and shaking, bringing sexy back in the split snatch. She has gotten so much quicker and continues to gain flexibility and strength as we learn to move smooth.

  2. Sharon

    Kara, great video!! You can really see your determination on every lift – way to go!!! You and Melissa are going to rock the Weightlifting/CrossFit Competition!!

  3. Kara Funk

    THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! We are very excited and will give it all we got!! Can't wait for the affiliate cup to cheer you guys on!

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