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Kelly z 

Chris S 

The winners from our latest challenge are Kelly Zimmerman and Chris Schwab. Kelly had the top time female 500 m row  with 1:40. Chris had the top male time with 1:24. Great job Kelly and Chris. There were several people right there within a couple seconds. We applaud everyone for giving it their all. Since we didn't have a picture of Chris rowing, we posted him doing his favorite exercise…sandbag squats.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Find your 3 rep max Deadlift. During your strength work, find time to work on mobility and perform 3 sets of max rep ring pull-ups. If you are strong on pull-ups, work them with a false grip.

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  1. BMJ

    I think we're gonna have a sandbag race. All sandbags placed at a starting line. For time, they all have to be moved 100 meters and loaded into the back of my car. Get some!

  2. Tina

    Great job Kelly! We are so proud of you…always!

    You are close to Andy's time…could be sibling showdown!

    We love you!
    Dad and Mom aka Neil and Tina

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