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Jake and Jenn

The value of a partner or group of people to work out with is something we discover in CrossFit. It's an interesting dynamic that produces a predictable result. You push harder. When you are alone it's too easy to take a break, walk, or sit. We see this all the time with verbal cues. Give someone encouragement and you will almost always see an increase in output. One personal experience that comes to mind is a final run concluding a brutal workout. I was jogging, barely keeping pace when I decided I would walk a few meters. All of a sudden the voice of Josh Nimmo awakened my spirit. Josh had left his workout to come run with me on my last lap. Although the run was slow you can bet I didn't walk one step. Find the time to encourage others and you will not only enrich their experience but you will realize the impact you can have on someone's life. It all adds up.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Overhead Press 4 X 6, Box Jumps


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