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The USA Weightlifting/CrossFit Open concludes today. Our awesome athletes Kara Funk and Melissa Hurley lifted Friday and Saturday. The live feed was not working well but you can view the archived footage at CrossFit Live Feed. You can also catch up on pics and results at USA Weightlifting. CFVP would like to thank our great coach Tracy Fober. She has been working diligently to get the girls ready. It's hard to put into words how proud we are of Kara and Melissa. This is their first time competing in a real Olympic Lifting Meet. To battle the nerves, altitude, and tough competition there took determination and guts. You are both inspirations! Have a safe trip home.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 4 X 8 (technique emphasis). Body Rows 4 X 10. L-sit 4 sets max time.

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  1. chris peterman

    Ladies you should be so proud of yourselves! You both did great. It's one more thing you can check off your bucket list. Melissa loved the monkey socks! I almost bought those!

  2. Sharon

    Melissa & Kara,
    So very proud of both of you!!! You worked very hard and did an awesome job – way to go!!!
    Tracy – awesome coach!!!

  3. Melissa K.

    What an accomplishment! So proud of both of you!!! Girl power : ) With hard work, determination and amazing trainers, the sky is the limit.

  4. Tawn

    I'm so proud of both of you! I missed Friday's live feed (silly job), but I was glued to it Saturday. Couldn't be more proud of the two of you!!

  5. jake

    for those of you that missed some of the action from this weekend, there is an hour by hour archive of all the footage from this weekend at there is a drop down menu on the page and you can select which hour you want to watch.

    kara and melissa, awesome job! it was great getting to watch you guys compete this weekend. can't wait to train with you guys!

  6. Kara Funk

    Thank you all so much for commenting, watching and supporting. Can't put into words what the experience was like. I am so grateful to have had such excellent training from "the incredible" Tracy Fober. We are so VERY lucky to have her here at CFVP! Our top notch trainers, and our wonderful community of friends here!! We are a strong strong team. Can't wait to improve, grow stronger, smarter and faster with you all!!

  7. Tracy Strubberg

    I found Melissa. Can't find Kara. It was facinatng watching, but I need to go back to work. Can anyone tell me where Kara is on the live link?

  8. jake


    check friday around 1 or 2pm for kara. i can't remember exactly when she was lifting but i think it was around that time.

  9. Money Butt

    What an AMAZING experience the competition was but even more so the 2 month journey we took with Tracy. Thank you all for the much appreciated support. You truly came with us on our trip and we tried to represent CFVP style!!

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