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Team Pic
The team has returned. Here's  a short paragraph on our experience. The Games were a showcase of the world's best athletes. It was absolultely amazing to see the level of competition, spirit, and heart. Our team earned a spot to showcase what we got. There is nothing that can take away our sense of accomplishment. Our first workout made us feel like we just went from College to Pro! The workout was extremely demanding and we didn't do well. We applaud the many teams that ripped through 105 and 155 lb. thrusters! The second workout lifted our spirits as we anticipated we would do well. We did do better but the pistols and poor management of time limits kept us from moving on. We are not sad or disappointed. In fact, we are thankful for the opportunity and motivation to be better. That is what CrossFit is about. Everyday in the gym is another competition. Sometimes you will shine. Sometimes you will not. We want to thank everyone for such enthusiastic support!

The 2010 CrossFit Games Adidas commercial – video [wmv] [mov]

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift alternating with KB windmills. 3 sets of 5/3 sets of 4. This is 6 total sets of each. On the windmills, that means 4 or  5 each side.

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  1. herb

    Okay, a lot of stuff going on in this pic. Kara, I think you pulled me over on I70 for speeding. Tawn, what's up buckaroo?
    Glad you guys are back, it was exciting watching the live feed. You definitely have an experience of which you can be proud.

  2. Congrats, CFVP team. Great job; great accomplishment in getting to Carson. The experience must have been incredible. I'm expecting two teams next year!

  3. Janice Hurley-Trailor

    "You had to be there" – is often an overused phrase but it REALLY applied to this experience. Melissa's family was there in full force (about 18 of us) and we wouldn't have mised it for the world. Just being there made you realize what amazing work you are doing at Valley Park just to qualify. My husband and I went to our local Scottsdale CrossFit last night with new enthusiasm. See you all again next year. We are so very very proud of you.

  4. Donna Smith

    We are so proud of you. I cannot imagine those WODs in that extreme heat. You guys are amazing and inspire me to work harder. Thanks for being such great role models

  5. Tawn

    Us? Role models? No, Donna! You, Melissa, Sharon, Rebecca, Stephanie, Carrie and every other female at Crossfit Valley Park is an inspiration to us! Our box is filled with strong, amazing women and every single member makes the others stronger. Thanks for the support!

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