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Mike D 

The story goes. After Mike D. finished a WOD here at the gym, someone said "Mike…you rock!" Mike turned and said "Yes…….I do." It's also rumored that shortly after, he wrote a song entitled "Fran must die."

Mike Derenski will be playing with his band, Mojo Filter, this Friday night at the Tin Can. Unfortunately drummers are always in the background but we did manage to find a picture of his smiling face. We'll have a group going down to check it out. We hope you can make it.

There's only a few days left to get in your 500 meter row time. So far we have Chris GP leading the men with a 1:27 and Kelly Zimmerman leading the ladies with a 1:40.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Weighted Push-ups 5 x 10. Have a partner weight you down with a weight plate, sandbag, or human body. Find a max effort 10 rep set. Alternate with Dumbbell Squat Cleans 5 x 8.

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