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The Split Position


The Split Position


This is a great video describing the benefits of the "Split" receiving position for the Snatch and Clean. We will cover this option during our Olympic Weightlifting Clinic this Sunday.

The "power" receiving position is always an option for someone who is not comfortable in the full squat. Those "mid" positions are often tough to hold as the weight approaches max loads. While split may be a better option. While both positions will limit depth in "getting under" the weight, the split tends allow more depth and stability.

This position benefits lifters who have flexibility issues in the Overhead and Front Squat. A lifter who receives a lift in the squat position must have a comfortable position in the bottom. We need to be balanced and stable. CrossFit has exposed the sport of Olympic Weighlifting to an immense community who are eager to learn. On average, this community is much older than the typical age of someone who gets into the sport. We quickly realize the need for flexibility and stength. Always take time to work on your flexibility. While you are doing that, utilize the split position.