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"The Skills are Always There, Daring you to Master Them"

You will now find each week of programming on the sidebar to the left under "Weekly Programming." Hopefully this will allow some of you to pick your days to get more movements in. We will also be starting an updated Facebook page. Sorry we've been resistant to the undeniable power that is Facebook. Hopefully this will be a great place for you to interact. We are in the midst of alot of changes. Again, we appreciate all the input.

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  1. John D

    Really like the new "Weekly Programming" link on the left! For a relative newbie (since April), it helps to see what you guys have planned for us and then if I haven't done a particular movement or named WOD yet I can look it up. This really helps so I'll be more prepared when coming in to the gym.

    As people said yesterday, you guys are doing a great job! Thanks for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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