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Kara F

Tina Zimmerman 2 Neil Z

The Saturday crew did great with our "Odd Ball" WOD. Tina Zimmerman conquered her fears with getting all 48 box jumps on the 16" box! Face your fears head on and soon it will be a strength. Kara Funk has her sights set on trying out for our Affiliate Cup team. This take a tremendous amount of courage! Also trying out will be Tawn Keener, Raelynn Chase, and Tracy Strubberg. There are some others considering so we should be in strore for an exciting event. Remember this is an "open" tryout so if you think you have what it takes, consider the challenge!

Monday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 5 X 5. After each set take a short rest. Then perform the next couplet quickly with no rest. 10 Toe to Bar or KTE, max rep. push ups.


-1 Round of Fight Gone Bad.

-For those of you participating in the Next Level Challenge, you will use your first set of push-ups and 1 round FGB score for your benchmark numbers.


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  1. Kara

    no way!! keep yelling at me. Thanks – it really pushes me. Might have sounded like a dying animal……..have to work on sound effects.

  2. Darby Seymour

    Way to go Kara, Tina, and Neil. You are looking strong! You go Kara!!! You are going to do it! I like the sound effects!

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