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The Red Zone


The Red Zone

Orie BW 

When an athlete engages in CrossFit, they begin a journey with many great discoveries. Perhaps the best discovery is self confidence. Here we learn that we CAN do it. Our fear levels dissipate and we welcome new challenges. Getting there is a huge step up a very steep and slippery slope. Think of us as better traction. As athletes establish a base level of proper movement and strength, they are introduced to levels of intensity that they are not used to. Remember intensity is the overall most impotant factor associated with return. Stated simply: what you get out of it will depend on what you put into it. It is here where we encounter the "red zone." The red zone is the maximum level of discomfort that you can tolerate. It will differ from person to person depending on physical and psychological levels. An athlete must be physically able to perform movements at an intensity level high enough to create an adaptive response. The athlete must also be mentally willing to endure the physical stress that high intensity workouts demand. We each own our red zone. In owning it, we determine how it changes. As we become more fit and confident, we will generally see it get higher. The RPM redline number gets higher…and we get better. Although it can change from day to day, we owe it to ourselves to push harder and maximize our return from exercise investments.

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