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The Power of the Group Setting


The Power of the Group Setting


It takes a very dedicated and exceptional person to extract their potential working out alone. This is a rarity. Are you someone who has spent alot of money on home based equipment? How did that work for you? Chances are they are collecting dust or up for sale on craigslist. We all do better with support. Help each other. You are a family here.

"Effectiveness Of The Group Setting" with Greg Glassman – video [wmv] [mov]

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  1. Steph

    Totally agree. I know for me personally, I dread the workouts I do alone and I can't wait to go to class. There has not been one class that I have not learned something, either from my coach or another member. So, yeah, I'm a little competitive too, and I work way harder when five other people are breathing down my neck, Melissa hurley is screaming at me and I see Sebastian stroll into the gym and know any time I set will be crushed in the next hour.

  2. Mike D

    This is exactly why we all give credit to Dan, Herb, Brandon, Kara, Margaret, Corey, you make it a familial environment. I am going to work out with my friends who are all very competitive and hold me accountable. Very unique to have that place to go.

  3. Bridget

    Ditto to what Mike says! Your example filters to all of us & creates the supportive atmosphere at CFVP.

    Kelly, good to see you! Love your concentration. Are we ever going to be work out buddies again?

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