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The next Affiliate Cup competition is on the schedule. CrossFit TNT will host the next throwdown on February 12th, 2011. Each affiliate will be allowed 2 teams to compete. CFVP would like to take one Rx'd team and one scaled team. Please let us know if you are interested. There will also be an individual competition. Let's defend the cup!

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 6 x 3. Toe to Bar 6 sets of max reps (strict). Pistol Squat 6 x 5 each leg. Alternate through the triplet with minimal rest time.


6 Rounds For Time

-6 Deadlifts

-6 Burpees

-6 Cone Touches

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  1. HAHAHA. We are shaking in our TNT panties right now.

    We just want to make sure that it is not going to be an allllll day event, dragging with too many teams and individuals as well.

    You know we run a smooth operation.. If other boxes bail and don't put teams together then we will add more teams. We just don't want it to be a cluster F*_K.


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