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The mind-body connection is a very powerful relationship. All voluntary actions that the body performs start as impulses in the mind. This is indeed a very complex connection that when used properly yields remarkable accomplishments. It can also be your worst enemy. Self doubt or the feeling of wanting to quit are always looming on the battlefield  of rigorous exercise. Don't let them win, ever. It is true that we are always capable of doing more than we thought. Most workouts will leave you guessing whether you could have pushed a little harder. You could have gotten more reps but the body insisted on resting. This should not be mistaken for valiant effort. If you get close to your maximum true potential, you should be proud of yourself. That little bit of extra effort is not easy to find, but it's there. The mind will find it if given the chance.  Results never come easy. There is no comfortable way to elite fitness. Embrace it. Use your mind to battle the protests of the body.

Here is an interesting list of workout tips. 10 Surprising Fitness Tips. See you in the gym with your pickle juice and red workout clothes! 

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