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The Means and the Measure


The Means and the Measure


I have often been heard to spout-off the rather grand statement that "CrossFit works because it is performance based."  But what does that mean exactly? 

It means we want evidence for your progress, honest quantifiable proof that all your hard work in the gym is paying off.  If we don’t get that, we are uncomfortable accepting your hard-earned money.  But how does one measure progress in CrossFit?

We do it by measuring your performance on a series of workouts that you will see from time to time, over and over again.   Most of you have have heard "Fran," "Fight Gone Bad", the "CrossFit Total," and other such workouts whispered with reverence and anticipation.  Such workouts are more than a means to better fitness, they are in fact a measure of your fitness.  When you shed a minute on your "Helen" time you are unequivocally in better shape than you were before.  When you add 20 pounds to your CrossFit total you have become a stronger human being, no doubt about it.  And here’s the thing: increased performance on these workouts will be accompanied by improved body composition, the main reason most people choose to workout.  You can not improve your performance on these workouts without good nutrition and meaningful work in the gym.  Form, in other words, will follow function. 

So, I’m hereby challenging every athlete at CrossFit Valley park to do at least one of the following benchmark workouts every two weeks, to record their performances, and to work to improve them with consistent work and a healthy diet.  Here are 7 benchmarks to rotate through, with properly scaled loads and under the loving eye of one of your trainers:

1) Tabata Squat
2) Fran
3) CrossFit Total
4) Helen
5) Fight Gone Bad
6) 500m Row
7) 1 Mile Run

Improve your performance on these gems, and a host of other pleasant physical and mental side effects will be your reward.



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