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Mike E

The foundation of strength and body control is Gymnastics. This is fact and cannot be disputed. Still most gyms neglect this fact by crowding valuable floor space with machines. Don't neglect your need to move your body with control and efficiency. These movements can be done anywhere!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 7 X 2. Alternate with Ring Pull-ups 5 X max reps. Feel free to try jumping, strict, kipping, or L-pull-ups.


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  1. Kim Llewellyn

    Totally agree!! I coached gymnastics for approx 10 years and we did warm ups and workouts that are a lot like Crossfit except we didn't implement the weightlifting…which now that I am familiar with Crossfit I believe all gymnastics gyms should implement this into their workouts.

  2. Melissa K.

    Shaw, you are just jealous! Mike simply wants to "v-up" everyone. Just kidding, Edwards. Mike killed the WODs all weekend, especially "Sharon."

  3. Mike E.

    Thanks guys. Melissa, you've got that sentence backwards, the WOD's killed me all weekend, especially Sharon! and those brutal thrusters. Good to hear from you Jennifer, hope all is well & we see you soon. Okay Dan – thanks, time for a new photo…how 'bout Shaw – he's due.

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