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Flying Zimmermans

"The Flying Zimmermans"

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 5 X 10. Ring Dips/Ring Push-ups 5 X max reps. During the strength work, get in 3 sets of KTE on the bar. Have someone time you and stay on the bar for 1 minute. Even if you can't continue the movement, just hang and work on grip strength.


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  1. Old Zim

    Dan…thanks for taking a picture of the two best looking members of the Flying Zims!!! The pics of me at that point in a WOD never look anywhere near as good!!! Actually the pics of me at any other point in life don't look as good!!!

  2. Melissa Hurley

    The Zimmerman Girls are the BOMB!!! Such a joy to see a family focused on the benefit of their lives TOGETHER.

    Truly what Crossfit ValleyPark is all about!

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