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The first workout for the 2011 CrossFit Games Sectionals has been extended one week. We'd love to see more people give this one a try. Register and join our CrossFit Valley Park team.

It seems double unders have been a limiting factor for alot of people. If you would like some help learning them, ask one of your coaches.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up to include jump rope practice. Single Leg OH Lunge (Bulgarian Split Lunge). This is done with one leg elevated behind you. Use a bench or box. 5 x 8 each leg. Alternate with weighted pull-ups/pull-ups. 5 x max reps.

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  1. Jake

    One thing that helped me a lot when learning double unders was doing them everyday. Even if it was just ten minutes with the rope, it helps. I used them as part of my warmup.

  2. yea we were talking about this on Saturday with some folks. Definitely agree with Jake, you have to do them daily! And when they pop up in wods like "annie", you just have to bite the bullet and suffer through! Sure you may expire a lot of energy on attempts, but once you lock them in, they are soooo much better than tuck jumps!!!

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