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The first comment that can guess who owns this awesome back wins a "20 burpee credit." You can get out of 20 burpees, partioned anyway and anytime.

Bench pressing. Is is worth it? Give me some thoughts. The bench press is a part of CrossFit programming but it waits in the shadows. In fact, I think there is only one Headquarters workout, Lynne, that includes it. Designed to improve upper body strength, it is relatively less technical. However, it carries a very serious inherent risk that most people don't think about. With this being said, I will speak from personal experience. I may bench press every 8-12 weeks. When I do I find that my strength on it has not diminished and in fact, has gotten better. It doesn't make sense to improve on something you spend so little time with. My personal opinion is that improved core strength and Gymnastic rings have made my bench press stronger. 

So back to the question. The bench press can be lethal. You have a barbell, usually loaded with alot of weight hovering above your abdomen, chest, neck, and/or head. These are pretty vital areas we all agree. Imagine losing control of that weight with no one spotting you.

CrossFit has a reputation of being dangerous. Watch the following video. At about 4:27 into it, you will see why. This one has stirred up alot of comments on the discussion board. Keep in mind this incident has nothing to do with CrossFit being dangerous and everything to do with neglect from a coach. Train hard and you will get results. Train smart and you will enjoy your results.

CrossFit Eastside, Keeping it Real – video [wmv] [mov]


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  1. Corey

    That guy got lucky the bar didn't crash down and hurt him. I feel the same way you do Dan and do not bench press much at all. There is not much point because with push ups, rings and other things my upper body has gotten stronger and I don't care about how much I bench anymore. When I train my kids we rarely bench press and when we do we are very careful and I would never have them do a heavy load in a Metcon. I just feel the risk is to high with no gained results. If I want them to work upper body in a Metcon I would rather use body weight or rings. I think incline bench and regular bench have a place sometimes but not in a metcon that can seriously hurt someone. I am interested to see what others think cause personally I was not a fan of the workout

  2. Mike Shaw

    My guess is Kara?

    And I hate the bench press, mainly because it's my worst lift by far. Real life experience of being flat on your back and having to lift a heavy load straight up in the air = none…

  3. Sharon

    Dan, Thanks – I’ll save it in case there is ever a “Box Jump” pass and I can trade it for!
    Best of luck to everyone on Sunday!!!

  4. Cliff

    Not to mention the USC running back almost killed when the bench bar crashed on his neck. I like the guessing competition. You should post shots of various body parts of various individuals. Whose thighs are these? Whose glutes are these? Make it weekly.

  5. Rich Hill

    Burpee pass on Sunday, that is hilarious.

    I think the bench press is like any lift with a barbell. A short time ago we discussed how Olympic lifts can be dangerous in a WOD if you can't control the weight. I have always thought all barbell lifts can be dangerous in a WOD. This is probably why I will never compete on the big stage, because I generally take my time to try to make sure grip, back, and posture are as correct as they can be for the weight I am about to lift. If I am benching in a metcon, I only do weights that I can successfully handle letting the weight crash on my chest. And I only fail with bench press when I have someone close by. So in this instance with the video, I think that is on the coach. Bench Press has its place just like every lift with CrossFit. The bench press has the ability to break muscle fiber down with a heavier load then the push-up or ring dip can provide. I think the bench press is worth it, but only as a random lift like all CrossFit exercises. Note, this is coming from someone that doesn’t have a clue what his bench max is and has only done the exercise around 5 times this year.

    I believe Linda (3 bars of death) also has the bench press. I made up a WOD of 21-15-9 bench press 135# & air squats. The air squats really seemed pointless because I fatigued doing the bench press enough I couldn’t really apply intensity to the WOD.

  6. Melissa

    I have to agree with Mike, he was robbed. You said the first person who could "guess" wins the burpee pass : ) Thanks for still allowing me to bench press!

  7. Kara

    Hmmmm…I think Dan's camera has a fancy button on it which makes us all look better!!!! leave it to you Dan for the constant reassurance and positive energy.

    Had an incredibly good time with all of you talented athletes in New Town today. Feel proud to be working out with all of you! I could not believe I was there with all of you amaizing people today.


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