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The fellas decided to take on "Murph"  Friday. The thought of any metcon workout that is relatively long can be intimidating. There is a degree of comfort in knowing it will all be over soon. This is not the case with Murph. Run 1 mile, perform 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats. Then run another mile. Partition your reps as needed. This challenge is best accepted with a game plan to keep you moving. "Chip away" at the repetitions and the finish line will come into view quicker.

Thanks to everyone who attended our first monthly seminar today. We had  a chance to work on challenging movements and spoke alot on accomplishing goals. Reaching goals and getting through tough workouts are achievements sharing the same characteristics. They will both challenge your physical capacity and mental fortitude. They both require a solid game plan. They share the same sweet sense of accomplishment. Take lessons from both. Remember to always be realistic. Set goals that are attainable. Modify or scale workouts to your ability. Keep chipping away and the wall will start to crumble. Lastly, take time to recognize your acomplishments.