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"The Face of Victory"


"The Face of Hunger"

Corey L

 "The Face of Staying Out Too Late Before a Row/Run Challenge"

Thursday: "Black Box"





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  1. Mshaw

    Think about it in terms of Google.
    When you want to look something up, you go to Google, type in whatever you are looking for and get results. You don't really care what goes on behind the scenes as far as how the results are returned, you mainly just care about the result.

    So in terms of fitness, lets say you perform X exercise and it increases your performance in Y exercise. You may not fully understand why X improved Y, but you know its worth continuing to do X because of the way it affected Y. It could have been neurological, muscular, psychological…who has the time to analyze why my dead lift increased my squat.
    So in class, you can assume whatever we do on black box days will somehow directly or indirectly affect something else we do in the future.

  2. Stephanie T

    Wow, thats deep. I was thinking black box was "surprise workout", I guess I will have to ponder that explanation for awhile. Thanks for showing such an accurate portrayal of me since I am laying on the floor gasping for air in just about every class I take!

  3. Mike d

    Google failed me and wikipedia is a joke. When does your website come out because I can't wait to mikeshaw something.

  4. dan thacker

    Mike is officially crazy! Ok ok, he's right on. This Black box theory drives CrossFit. We know "this" will improve "that." Sometimes we know exactly why. Sometimes we don't. It works. We do it. We try to be better at it. In this case, "Black Box" simply means programming will be totally random that day. We will be attempting to mix up a somewhat stable system of programming.

  5. Tawn

    I was too young to buy stock in Google when it first came out, but I think I want in on The experience. So…how much is the initial buy-in? Stephanie does run like the wind and looks good when she's done!

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