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The Debate


The Debate

This is part one of a two day post and the follow up thoughts are exclusively my own opinions. This is a huge debate in the community and my thoughts are just another two cents. The subject here is Olympic Barbell Lifts and their place in CrossFit training. The following is a comment from Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics. Greg is well respected as an Olympic athlete and coach. 
"All this talk of mixed skill levels and the importance of
technical proficiency begs the question: How do we
use the Olympic lifts within metabolic conditioning
workouts in a group? The easiest answer is not to. The
reality is that the overwhelming majority of CrossFit
clients will never reach a level of technical proficiency
that makes the lifts’ use within metabolic workouts
a great idea, simply because the proportion of their
training time dedicated to the lifts is minimal.

There are better options for conditioning that won’t
hinder further development of lift technique while still
providing a large metabolic dent—arguably more of
one, in fact. Additionally, dumbbell, sandbag, and
other implement variations of the Olympic lifts can be
used to provide most of the metabolic effects desired
from the lifts—these lifts require far less instruction and
practice to be effective and are distinct enough to
not interfere with technique for the barbell lifts. (It
should be noted that these exercises do not include
the medicine ball clean, because it is hopelessly lame
and has no place in anyone’s training.)"

Although Greg's thoughts here are short, you get a pretty clear picture of where he stands. I think there are many other variables to consider when evaluating the subject. Still, I generally agree with his input. The last one in particular. Med ball cleans should be illegal! I will post my thoughts tomorrow.

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