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Jake HS BW

"The CFVP Circus will be performing all week"

It was a big weekend with lots of events. Thanks to everyone who came out to row. It was really interesting and different. We were able to see the similarities and differences of indoor vs. outdoor rowing. We also gained alot of respect for how hard rowers must train to be race ready. The instructors were simply awesome! We hope to do another workshop in the future. Also, thanks for stepping out to celebrate Kelly Zimmerman's graduation and our Birthday boy's night out. It was a blast!

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: CrossFit Total….Kinda. Perform 3 sets of Back Squats reaching a 3 rep max. Then 3 sets of OH Presses reaching a 3 rep max. Then finish with 3 sets of Deadlifts reaching a 3 rep max. Finish with a 500 Meter row for time.


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