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The beautiful weather has called. We responded with running, prowler pushes, and a good cleaning on some new flippin tires! Now for the really cool news.

Kara Funk got her first Handstand push-up! This was legit and witnessed. Forehead to the ground then all the way back up.

Sharon Dailey stared down the bench press and got a new PR at #95 lbs. The bar went up easy.

Dan Furnas got his 2K row out of the way for the conclusion of our Next Level Challenge performance benchmarks. He got 7:28, besting his old PR by about 30 seconds!

Jake got a PR on his deadlift by 15 lbs! How does #440 lbs. sound?

Hey, this Paleo thing may be working. Great job everyone!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Push Press 5 X 5. Alternate with weighted lunges, 5 X 10 (each leg).

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  1. Donna Smith

    Congrats to all. You guys are just killing it. Great work on the rowing Dan and then you did the WOD!! Great work.

  2. Melissa Hurley

    Way to kick butt everyone!! Kara I am so jealous, way to go. Watch out Dan I'm coming for ya ;0) Way to go Sharon, you are STRONG! Awesome DL Jake!!

    VP rocks in setting PR's

  3. jake

    awesome work guys!! this next level challenge is showing what good nutrition coupled with good programming can do for fitness. let's keep getting better!!

    also, i wanted to note that carlye hammered out 14 unbroken kipping pullups a couple days ago. quite impressive i must say!

  4. Dan F

    Mike D…go for it! You could probably use one of the "model D" rowers and put my time in as a pacer. Then you could spend the entire row trying to catch my boat 😉 Seriously…I bet you can knock out a 7:15. Good luck!

  5. Dan F

    Congrats, Jake! 440? I missed that one. I saw the 415 lift…and that was impressive! Gives me something to shoot for. Hopefully you wore a weight belt for that one. Maybe after the "next level challenge" I will give it a try. Great job!

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