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The Attitude Nation


The Attitude Nation

Jon north

CFVP will be hosting a one day Olympic Lifting Seminar with Jon North of Attitude Nation. This seminar will benefit the intermediate and advanced lifter. Jon presents a very intense and passionate approach to Olympic Weightlifting. While his strong personality may shake the sport, it has also bred a following of fans who like his aggressive approach. The CrossFit community is taking advantage of these coaching opportunities and we will be the first St. Louis area gym to host the Attitude Nation. The date is March 17th, 2013. Go here to register: The Attitude Nation Seminar Schedule

Jon's relationship with the barbell can be viewed through his blog: The Dark Orchestra   You can also find many videos of him on YouTube. Look for him to compete in the 2012 American Open in 2 weeks. Here is a bio on Jon.

North is both an Olympic hopeful and a professional athlete who
competes in the sport of weightlifting. Jon is a 2011 National Champion,
a 2011 and a 2010 USA Team member, a two time Arnold Championship
winner, and the creator of the Attitude Nation.  Jon founded the
Attitude Nation with his wife Jessica North, who is also a competitive
athlete in weightlifting. Jon is currently the number one ranked
weightlifter in his weight class for the USA.  Both Jon and Jessica
compete for Team Muscle Driver USA under Coach Glenn Pendlay.  They have
trained, competed, and coached seminars all around the world with some
of the best athletes and coaches in the sport over the past 5 years.
 The Attitude Nation Seminars are a compilation of their career,
creations, and experiences."

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