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The 2010 CrossFit Games will not be in Aromas this year. The event has simply outgrown the old proving grounds. This is great and sad at the same time. Aromas is beautiful and the natural atmosphere there was really cool. Everyone will miss that nasty hill!

The new location will be the Home Depot Center in Carson, Ca. The events will take place at the 8000 seat Tennis center and 8000 seat Track and Field center. Pretty exciting.

The Individual and Team workouts for the North Central Regional have been posted. Our individual competitors Jake Howard, Josh Nimmo, and David Cornthwaite should do very well. The team workouts are extremely challenging and we will be attempting 50 muscle-ups with 4 of our athletes barely having a month at getting that skill down. The competition should be fierce and we'll do our best to get a pass to the Big Show in July.  

Monday Strength Skill Work: Back Squat 3 X 6, 2 X 5. Alternate with 10 ring dips or push-ups and 10 Toe to Bar.

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  1. Margaret

    I for one would NOT miss that stupid hill!! And not to be a complete loser….but I hope people aren't gonna be throwing weight around or running around on that court cuz it's gonna get marked up….just sayin (not that anyone besides me cares)

  2. Margaret, I'm sure they took that into consideration yes? I personally love the atmosphere of Aromas compared to stadiums. Camping, tents, dust. I won't miss the port-a-potty!!!!!

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