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Thanks To You…We’re Expanding


Thanks To You…We’re Expanding


As many of you know, CFVP will be doubling in size. We are excited about the expansion and appreciate your patience. As you can see, demo is done and construction is starting. Hopefully things will move along in a timely fashion and we'll soon be having some fun over there. The two spaces will be connected by a "walk though" doorway. The spaces will be very similar. Our existing space will be slightly more geared for weightlifting as well as some more advanced training options. The new area will be a bit more gymnastics oriented. Our CrossFit Endurance Progam and Kid's program will also mostly take place here. However, we will be able to run any class, on either side.  Much of our equipment will be stored near the walk though so both sides can have easy access.

We want to thank you all. Without you, CFVP would not be such a great family. Without you, we don't grow. We couldn't be more blessed and excited.

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  1. Timothy Reinwald

    Thank you for having such a great place to workout. CFVP has been a life changing experience for me and I couldn't be more grateful. You guys are the best. Part of expanding was adding 2 new coaches and Steph and Margaret are both awesome! Go CFVP!!!

  2. Medium Steve

    Like many others this has been life changing for me. In pretty much every way I can think of. All the coaches bring a little something different to each class. The people at VP are second to none. This is a great place and has a great environment. Thank you coaches!!! And every single crossfitter at vp!!! Congrats crossfit valley park!!!

  3. Janet

    How exciting for everyone at CFVP, members and trainers alike. It makes me happy to see all of the new faces and watch CFVP grow. I love the progress!! The heart and soul put into this gym is clearly evident. I'm stoked!!

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