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Thanks to Chris and Melissa Schwab for sharing this video. Their daughter, Zoe, just loves to watch and cheer on CFVP. She'a a future CrossFitter for sure.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 6 x 2. Take exactly 3 minutes rest between sets. During your 3 minute rest, perform one set of max rep body rows. Ok so it's not really a "rest" period! Weightlifting Work: Hang Clean 

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  1. Mandi

    I cannot get enoh of this video!!! I smile everytime! Chris and Melissa…. You def have a future crossfitter on your hands! She is absolutely adorable! 😉

  2. Get it Girl

    We clearly have the best support and fan base!! Thank you Chris, Melissa and Zoe for cheering us on. So glad you get to join us in Cali as well.

  3. Jake

    Thanks Chris, Melissa, and Zoe for supporting us every step of the way! Cali is gonna be a blast! Glad you guys are coming.

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