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Party 1

Thank you everyone for coming to our Holiday Party. Your warm company and generous gifts really made our night! I know we've said it all before but it's worth repeating. Your friendship and support have made CrossFit Valley Park what it is. Your progress over the past year has been touching and inspiring. As coaches, this is our reward and as athletes, this is your accomplishment. Be proud. They say you're lucky if you make a handful of true friends in a lifetime. If that's true, we are all "lottery lucky!" Go play some numbers tonight! We wish you all the warmest of holidays.

That time is coming again. We get ready to end a calendar year with hopes of a safe and prosperous New Year. This is also a time to start setting some new goals. We have a special challenge in the works so stay tuned.

Thanks Melissa Kron for taking some great pics! Photo Album coming soon.  

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  1. jake

    i haven't laughed that hard in awhile. it was great to have a different kind of fun with everyone away from the gym. can't wait for the next get-together!!

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