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Thank you CFVP


Thank you CFVP

Party 8-1

Party 10-1

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Party 9-1

Until we get a photo album up here are some "choice" shots from our CFVP Christmas Party.

From the 3 Amigos: We are not CFVP. You are. Thank you. Again, there is no way we can possibly express our gratitude to each one of you, our members. Our venture into our 4th year has provided an opportunity to reflect. We are continuing to grow and with growth comes many valuable lessons. Our goal is to always continue to improve your experience here. We want you to discover that you cannot find a place like this, no matter how hard you look. Our reasons and motivations are not about us. It's about us being the best we can be to serve you. Any definition of "family" will resonate strongly within CrossFit Valley Park….always.

A special thank you goes out to Melissa Kron. Each year, she takes the podium for an awesome heartfelt speech. Melissa is one of the originals, with us from the very start. You won't find a more caring, true person. Thank you Melissa.

To everyone. Make this year your best one yet. Realize that anything is possible. So many people have shown this time and time again. Always believe in yourself as much as we believe in you. Try to find small goals for yourself. Reach them. Find bigger ones. Make them reality.

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  1. Gnat

    It was nice to see everyone having fun & smiling & laughing! I don't get to see everyone at CFVP every week leaving their sweat on the floor…so I have to say that all your hard work & training shows…CFVP is a group of dedicated fit bodies. It's been fun to see the transformations. Keep up the good work. :}

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