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There's nothing quite like great teamwork. Sharing the burden and having someone there to encourage you is a benefit you don't get when you train alone. We've been doing some partner workouts and a few team workouts. Last night we had "Guys Vs. Gals." The women prevailed and then chose to do the 20 burpees with the guys! Do you like partner and team WOD's? Should we try and include more of those in our classes?

We are also getting ready to change the class schedule a bit. We'd like to help people get off the waiting lists. As always, we are looking for your input. Give us suggestions if you'd like.

2010 North Central Regional Affiliate Team Event: Download as Windows Media.

Saturday: "Black Box"


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  1. Christy

    Awesome teamwork ladies! I miss having class with you Bridget! I like team or partner workouts they help me push myself to that next level. As for class schedules, I would love to see one session of the skills class from either 4:00-5:00 or 4:30-5:30(MWF). This is why I love the Friday class. Perfect time for me…with kids and all!

  2. Brian R.

    Partner and team WODs are ok. My only problem with them is that I'm usually too out of breath to cheer on my teammates 🙂

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