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Orie n Dan 

Karen How many days a week are you working out? How many days should you be working out? There is no right or wrong answer here. Generally if you are starting out, 2 moderately intense workouts with 1-2 "light activity" days is sufficient. Once our bodies begin the wonderful process of adaptation, it is time to increase the work load. As an athlete approaches higher levels of fitness, they should be able to tolerate more exposure to exercise. Furthermore, this increase in physical demand is needed to stimulate further gains. Volume is only one part of this equation. Rest, recovery, and nutrition will all play a vital role in effective training. You also need to manage the intensity levels. Alternating skill/strength work with "metcon" workouts works well. I suggest you eventually get 5-6 days of exercise per week. If you just laughed and rolled your eyes, don't feel bad. Many people find it very hard to get into the gym 5-6 days per week. However, there is no rule that says you need a gym. Getting exercise outside of the gym can add some variety and change of pace to your workout schedule. We encourage any outdoor activity and sport. Come up with a list of workouts that you can do anytime and anywhere. Get your family involved or better yet, find a good workout partner.

Nothing is better than a good team or workout partner. If you come to our group classes, you already know the benefits of training with other athletes. If you are struggling to make it in as much as you need to, consider finding a partner to join you. Having a good partner will keep you accountable and motivated.

"A good partner will comfort you when you're terrified", says Orie Shafer. Karen Wilson explains, "a good partner will try and keep things fun by laughing as you suffer."

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