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Team CFVP Takes a 14th Place Finish


Team CFVP Takes a 14th Place Finish

Team 1-001

Team CFVP is back from Regionals. We're all exhausted so here's a short summary of the weekend. It was an exciting event filled with very challenging workouts and very competitive athletes. It was amazing to see the best in the North Central. Our team got off to a good start and after day 1, stood in 19th place. Day 2 brought out some great performances that moved us up to 11th. The final day tested our athletes with a Snatch Ladder that brought us to 14th, just out of reach to compete in the final event.

We'd like to applaud our team for their great achievements. CFVP is very proud to be able to send a team to represent our gym and St. Louis. This was the 4th year straight!!! To each athlete, we are honored to have you give it your best. We are continually inspired by your amazing abilities. You lift us up. Thank you to all of our members who support them and make this a great place to be.  

We got to see some of our close friends compete as well. Jake Howard took 10th place in Men's individuals. David Corthwaite placed 15th. Josh Nimmo placed 23rd. Melissa Hurley took 9th. They are all so impressive and went up against a VERY tough region.

Lastly, we'd like to congratulate Margaret Junker. Margaret went as an individual and attacked the weekend with the grit and determination she's known for. She was literally up against giants. The size of some of the female competitors was simply intimidating. She battled so hard and achieved things she didn't dream of. Competition brings that out and Margaret is a gamer. We are SO proud of her!!!

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