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Team Trophy Case 
Team CFVP is in route to Carson. Jake Howard, David Cornthwaite, Cory Beurck, Tonya Charland, Melissa Hurley, and Margaret Junker have been training hard since Regionals. The 2011 CrossFit Games will be streaming live all weekend. We'll try to post information on the website indicating heat times for our team. We're so proud of our athletes and hope to see them on the podium. Good luck.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 5 x 3. Alternate with HEAVY Kettlebell Swings. You should be able to get a minimum of 5 good repetitions.

Weightlifting Skill: Push Jerk/Split Jerk

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  1. Tracy Strubberg

    Good Luck you guys! I would sure hate to be going up against your team! You're gonna be awesome! I personally can't wait. Bring it home Team Valley Park!

  2. Lisa Moore

    Go cfvp team……hey Tonya where socks Melissa bought you, not hubbys…..even if no match. Rock on guys. And mighty mouse Marg…..kick it girl:) xo

  3. Emily Seabaugh

    Praying for safe and healthy travels! There is no doubt you will shine with all the hard work, heart, and dedication you put into this… Carson will not be the same after CFVP has been in the house. Good Luck!

  4. BMJ

    Shaw, I'm guessing they will be different weights….some requiring 2 people. Either way, it's "ouch" to you. OUCH!!!! Just kidding beastman.

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