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Taking Time Off


Taking Time Off

Injuries are part of the game. Whether it's sport, training, or life, we will all encounter them. How you deal with it will dictate the duration and severity. It's important to look at things long term. If some time off now will let you function better and longer, it's critical you rest. That doesn't mean you can't work on other things but if you continue to push movements that irritate the injury, it could have long term consequences. When something won't go away you need to have it diagnosed by a medical professional. Lastly, we don't know if something is wrong unless you tell us. Please make us aware of your injuries so we can advise you.

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  1. Monica

    Thanks for the post! It's hard to sit back knowing that you're missing out on so much & trying not to get discouraged. You feel like you are losing everything you've worked so hard to get. I guess it's good to be reminded sometimes that your body just may need this break 🙁 Need to heal & come back stronger!!

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