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Take Time to Laugh


Take Time to Laugh

Donna, Gabe, and Krysta 

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Well I finally got my camera out with some new faces around! Donna Smith, Gabe Warner, and Krysta Lazear have all started classes. Welcome to CrossFit. When the sandbags come out, people tend to hide but tonight's crew threw em around like toys. Great job everyone.

When you get into a workout program, it is essential that you find the "fun" factor. What we experience in rigorous exercise is the release of endorphins that make us feel great soon after we are finished. Finding enjoyment in this is essential for longevity in the gym. Take time to smile, laugh, and enjoy the rush! Speaking of laughter.

This video has spread over the internet. "David After Dentist".  What started out as a humorous video for family members has turned into a heated debate. It shows a child recovering from the anesthesia of dental surgery. While many people found it humorous, many thought it was a disgusting and irresponsible display of  "a child on drugs." First of all, it amazes me that this is worthy of national news. Secondly, he was given anesthesia to have a tooth removed, not a crack pipe. From what I can see, he is safely secured in a seat belt and not driving the car! Lighten up America…we're only human.

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