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Sweating for a Cause


Sweating for a Cause


Team 2 

Every year CrossFit's popular workout "Fight Gone Bad" serves as a fundraising event. Athletes for a Cure and the Wounded Warrior Project  benefit as CrossFitters all over the world participate. CrossFit Valley Park will be hosting the event on September 26th. We support these great causes and hope you will find it a worthy donation. Please go here: CFVP Fundraising Page to see our progress and to make a donation. Information about the event can be found here: Fight Gone Bad, 2009  

We hope everyone can make it here for the workout. Don't be intimidated!!!!! This is not a race. It's a chance for you to give it your best for two great causes! The day will conclude with some great food, drink, and a few prizes! We will have 2 versions of the workout. One will be "recreational" and will have scaled weights and box heights. The other will be "competitive" and will use the prescribed weights and heights. Please let me know if you will be attending so I can get a list started. Before you write me and ask what "Fight Gone Bad" is, consider this. If you are asking that means you are hesitating! I assure you that anyone can participate.

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