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"Support is Priceless"

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Behind the Neck OH Press 5 X 8. Alternate with weight step-ups. At any point during the class, perform one set of  max rep pull-ups.


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  1. Melissa Hurley

    Diddo Diddo Diddo to all of the above. You guys are the best supporters and I can't thank you enough for all the support you've blessed me with. Thank you all!!!

  2. dan thacker

    Actually Edwards just likes it when we post pics of him. He asked me if we could have a weekly "Mike E." post.

  3. Mike E.

    Yep, Dan knows how much I like the camera. So I'll just say thanks again boss – no complaining from me. I learned the lesson a long time ago – you don't argue with Dan – EVER! Seriously, thanks for the nice comments but it's easy for me to stand on the sideline and cheer, you guys do the heavy work. Dan, how 'bout we change the weekly Mike E. post to a weekly Mike S. column, he's way more interesting – just my 2 cents.

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