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Superhumans can be motivational


Superhumans can be motivational

For anyone who read Jon Krakauer's book entitled "Into Thin Air" which chronicled the 1996 dissaster on Mount Everest, there is but a brief mention of a young Swedish climber named Goran Kropp. Climbing the world's tallest mountain is a feat in itself, but what makes Goran's accomplishment even nuttier, is he rode his bicycle from Stokholm to Kathmandu (about 7,000 miles), then summited Everest alpine style (everything on his back from base to summit to base), without oxygen, without sherpa support, returned to Kathmandu, and then rode his bike back to Sweden! It's crazy even thinking about it. Now I am not going to ride my bike 7000 miles and climb the Goddess Mother of the Universe, then ride that same 7,000 miles again. Heck, I probably couldn't even ride the Katy trail and climb Mount Pleasant. But I think I can be inspired to push myself harder than I thought I could during a workout or maybe even ride my bike to the gym occasionally. How about you?

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  1. I've heard that Tommy V, the namesake of a Hero's CrossFit WOD, was challenged by Mark Twight to do 1000 consecutive 20# ball slams. I'm told he did it.

    I think about that whenever my body asks for a rest-break during a CrossFit WOD. I'm nowhere near as tough as Tommy V was, but his example sure inspires me to keep moving when I think I'm tired.

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