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Sunday: Rest Day

Our friend Courtney Kleefus is done with 2 workouts at the South Texas Sectional. She finished 19th out of 66 in the 1st WOD, a 2K row/max rep deadlift. She finished 29th in a brutal handstand push up/clean and jerk/burpee WOD that 20 athletes did not finish. She's hanging in there at 28th place with a final chipper to come. They are taking 30 spots to move on to regionals. We know you're going to do it Court! Go get some!

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  1. BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Glad he looked okay…but wow…makes me think of the song by Drowning Pool, "Let the bodies hit the Floor!" Way ta go Courtney! Keep it up! Also the movie "Friday"….you just got knocked the #$% OUT!

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