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Sumo Deadlift High Pull? What the heck does that mean? One of our metcon power movements deserves some insight. The movement is basically a deadlift combined with an upright row. While it effectively gets the heart rate up, it tends to bring out alot of technique flaws. "Sumo" indicates a very wide deadlifting stance used by powerlifters. The width and external rotation of the legs allows a more  upright posture, dictating more leg drive. A conventional stance (pictured) will create more back angle and thus require more hip extension. We allow both styles (should be renamed "Deadlift High Pull") but we have to maintain good posture! Note the nice flat back in the picture. If this is not happening, we have to address the mechanics and/or drop to a lighter weight.

Remember this is a power movement that requires aggressive hip extention to accelerate the bar upwards. The pull occurs with elbows high bringing the bar above the clavical. As always, keep the bar close to the body.

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Friday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 5 X 4

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