Success Stories

  • I thought CrossFit was a place for crazy, extreme athletes to take workouts to a new level. It is!
    But it is also a place where a 50-year-old grandma who was mostly sedentary and fluffy discovered her inner athlete who had been in hiding.

    Our friend, Jeff Strobach, kept telling Mike he would love CrossFit. Mike and I had both turned 50, slacked off on fitness goals and both felt a need to be intentional about getting healthy. Mike has always pursued fitness at home or in a gym. I have a strong aversion to standard gyms. I never learned or progressed by walking into a room full of unfamiliar equipment where everyone seemed to be doing their own thing, some of which was sitting on a machine, texting. I felt like my lack of competence/confidence kept me hating the process and I never stuck with it.

    I agreed to “try” CrossFit with Mike, but I was certain I’d make it about 2 weeks before I was bent or broken and had to quit. I knew Mike would love the challenge. While there were many times in the first few months I was so sore I did not know how I could ever go back to the next class, CrossFit became a strange addiction. My most repeated phrase besides, “Ouch!” was, “I can’t believe I just did that!” I slowly became stronger and my confidence really increased as the coaches made sure I knew what to do and how to do it safely, and they made me believe it is absolutely okay to work at my own level, right alongside the really amazing athletes who are farther along in the journey. Additionally, the other people in class always challenge and encourage me to be my best and keep trying.

    I love CrossFit. I’m a believer in the model of “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity” as a way to progressively prepare me for any situation I find myself facing. (swinging grandkids around? no problem… 8 bags of groceries? I can do that in one trip… two big laundry baskets? run them both up two flights of stairs… softball? yes, please… MoCowbell half-marathon in the fall? signed up… section-hike the Appalachian Trail? coming right up.)

    I have also found that even though I don’t train for something specifically, the overall conditioning and training we do is enough to prepare me to do things I didn’t know I was capable of doing. I had been jumping a 15″ box. I went months without jumping boxes at all, then had a WOD calling for jumping three or four 20″ boxes before I could move on. My initial thought was to at least try the first one, then step up and down all the rest when I failed the first. To my total surprise, I jumped the first and then the others multiple times in that WOD! A couple months later, I progressed to jumping the 24″ box, also with no specific box jump practice in between times.

    Overall I’ve lost 20 pounds and gained strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence and a great group of friends and mentors.

  • janetPrior to joining CFVP, I went  through major changes in my life and in the two years following, my coping mechanisms served to manifest themselves in a very out of shape and unhappy person.  As I began to piece it all back together, I knew getting healthy was the cornerstone of building overall life success  – feel my best, so that I can do my best.  Gratefully, I found CFVP, which has exceeded my expectations.  Having grown from “how much weight can I lose to how much weight can I lift”.  I’m still learning and still getting better – at everything.

  • KatyZwickFifteen months ago I made one of the best decisions of my life, I joined CrossFit  Valley Park.  To say I was terrified would be a huge understatement.  I was overweight, 49 years old, and so out of shape I couldn’t even complete the warm ups.  It didn’t take long for me to realize I didn’t just join a gym.  I joined an incredible community that would help me shed 82 pounds and more importantly become a stronger and healthier me.  The coaches and other members have given me back my life.  Thank you CFVP!

  • 1-carrieWith today’s busy lifestyle and work ethic we all have, it is easy to get out of shape!

    Why I do Crossfit:
    It is hard!
    It challenges me every time!
    It is never boring!
    It has made me lean!
    It takes only an hour!
    It has motivated me to eat clean!
    I feel awesome when I leave from a workout!
    I have met some great people at this gym!
    Enough said!!!!