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Independent Lens Films recently did a documentary on Cheryl Hayworth, an Olympic Lifting competitor. The film, "Strong" will have a premier on Thursday, May 3rd, 7 p.m. This is a FREE screening at the Missouri History Museum. The film maker did a segment at The Lab Gym, run by owner/coach Justin Thacker. Turns out they filmed on a day Tonya Charland and Mandi Newsome were there lifting. Some film and interview was submitted but we're not sure if it will be in the film itself. Still, that's very cool!

The trailer ends with a great thought. "No one can quite put their finger on why they want to be strong. And if they can, it's usually much too simple of an answer." Being strong is the basis for longevity, resistance to injury, and overall health. The process of becoming strong carries too many physiological and mental benfits to list. It is the core of what we do here at CFVP. It's empowering. It feels good. Live life strong.

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