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Our shirts are on the way to the printer and should be done soon. Thank you everyone for all your patience. The above symbol is Kanji for Strength. We thought it may make another good design. We'll get it together and get your feedback. We have some thanks to deliver.

Thank you Tonya Charland for working on our shirts. You've done so much and we appreciate it. Thank you to all the Next Level participants for cooking for us Saturday. Your meals were Iron Chef worthy. Thank you to Mike Edwards for getting tables and chairs for the event. Lastly, thank you Gnat for bringing all the stuff that the guys would have never thought of. That made the whole thing possible. Pics of the event coming soon.

Our next ATHLETE OF THE MONTH is Jennifer Shaw. Jennifer has shown so much progress since she started here. Her accomplishments have taken place consistently…with hard work and determination. This is overdue and so deserved. Pics and bio coming soon. Way to go Jen.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 5-5-5. Follow each set of squats with 1 set of max rep ring dips or push ups. Then Back Squat 4-4-4. Follow each set of squats with 1 set of max rep dead hang pull-ups. Keep your rest periods fairly short.


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  1. monica

    Congrats Jen!! They couldn't have picked a more deserving participant. I am so excited for you… you always work so hard & do such a great job every time!!

  2. Sharon

    Congratulations Jennifer – very well deserved!!! You have worked very hard and are doing awesome and always great working out with you!!!

  3. Jake

    hey dan, are you gonna make shirts for the other 9 physical skills or are we just gonna forget about those?? 🙂 jk, cool design.

    Congrats Jen! Very deserving!

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